It was a nice day today so Tim and I made the best of it and got a fair amount done. The rest of the week may not be too bad as well, so we'll hopefully make some good progress.

2016-11-28 16.32.30.jpg

Here's the deck window and slider. They're all in, sealed, and mostly trimmed on the outside. You can see a little bit of broken stucco in the top corner of the slider that will have to be patched when Ed comes.

2016-11-28 16.32.49.jpg

Tim was able to remove a bunch more of the stucco and we discovered a few more bad spots due to stucco leaks. Nothing seems to have infected the framing very much, though.

2016-11-28 16.32.12.jpg

Both street side windows are installed and sealed up. The rot in the wall has been fixed and we're just waiting for the stucco to be patched and trim installed.

2016-11-24 11.29.13.jpg

The water had gotten under the door from splashing on the front porch.  We got it in time, though and there was no serious damage. We installed a metal flashing that sits on the grey plywood floor and directs any water back out and between the stucco and the first deck plank. That should help a lot. Also having a covered area will completely solve the problem.

2016-11-28 14.46.15.jpg

Here are some colour samples for the metal should you choose to put up metal siding. I'm still working on prices for you. The "terracotta" is an almost perfect colour match to the existing house. These samples are up against the new wing of the house. I'm thinking that we would paint the old wing to more closely match the new wing.